Description Edit

Zombie mode is mode that human must survive from zombie , and zombie must infect all human to win .

Zombie will change map after 1 faction reach 10 points.

Zombie get 500 hp after infecting 1 human .

Zombie Host has 3000 hp , infected zombie has 1500 hp .

Tips and Hints Edit

- Try to stay away from anyone before countdown , but if you think you will be the host zombie just try grouping with a lot of human to get a lot of health points if you infect them all .

- Try to use a good defense place like long , maze , oneway only .

- Use your block if needed cause its limitted .

- Use a good weapon like Spaz , Mg42 , Minigun , Val , and other that have a good damage and fast fire .

- Try to infect a lone human in base or in outdoor that will help you a bit .

Bugs Edit

- Sometime when you got infected you will turn to zombie but you still carrying your gun ( not work if holding melee ) this will make you kicked from server automaticaly.